Custom Furniture Design

Looking for Something That Was Made Just for You?

Tracking down the perfect piece of furniture can really be a chore.

How many times have you seen an amazing piece and thought to yourself, ‘if only I could change that one thing’?

We know that everyone has different tastes and that’s why Raw Revivals proudly offers a custom-order service that allows you to finally get your hands on that dream piece of furniture you’ve been hunting for!

You specify the colours, design, stencils, handles and more – our custom made pieces are the true definition of ‘one-of-a-kind.’

You can even provide us with your own piece of furniture that you’d like to have revived!

This is just a brief outline of how the custom order process can work:​

  •  You contact Raw Revivals and let us know a little more about the kind of piece you’re hoping to find.

  • We consult with you and establish vital elements like the overall look you’re hoping to find, ideal measurements of the piece, what type of budget you’re working with etc.

  • Then you can either supply your own piece of furniture or we can go about sourcing one for you.

  • Once the piece has been chosen we will put together some ideas for all of the design elements - colours, application techniques, stencils, knobs etc (or we can replicate one of our previous designs if there is one that you really love!)

  • We then get to work and start putting together your truly one-of-a-kind, hand-painted piece!

  • Finally, you can then come and pick up your new piece (or in some cases we can arrange to have it personally delivered) and place it proudly on display in your home!



Having a genuinely unique piece of furniture specifically-made to suit what you’re looking for doesn’t have to difficult.

In fact, it all starts here with a simple email!

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