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By putting a unique twist on the traditional planter, we’ve introduced a vast assortment of truly interesting concrete pots that are perfectly suited for succulents, flowers or any style of smaller plant.
Each planter begins its journey with a light grey concrete base. Following that, a raised, abstract pattern has been added in a complementary colour palette of pastel pink, mint and navy blue. 


We have on offer three different sizes, each with their own unique design, ensuring that you will find one which is just perfect for your home or garden. 
Each pot has been made with drainage holes to enable use outdoors. However, there is a removable plastic stopper in each pot which will plug the drainage for indoor use. 


They are suitable for any smaller style of indoor plants, succulents or cacti. 


Why not invite one of these beauties into your home or garden today and you will surely become the envy of all your friends!


*Plants not included

Concrete Abstract Patterned Painted Pot Planter

  • Small 
    Height - 13 cm 
    Width - 16 cm


    Height - 17 cm
    Width - 18 cm


    Height - 24 cm
    Width - 20 cm