Handmade Ceramic Pot Planter Pals Ceramic Pot Hanging Animals

We are thrilled to introduce our adorable little pot planter pals! On offer we have an assortment of adorable ceramic animals, designed perfectly to attach to side your planters to keep your plants company! 


We have three designs in total, a snail, koala and bird with each design available in your choice of two colours. Natural bisque pottery has been used, and glazing elements to give each piece their colour and features. 


Suited for thinner rimmed planters, such as standard terracotta but if you're unsure of the sizing, please contact us with the dimensions of the pots and we will test it out for you! 


These little critters will look right at home among your succulents and houseplants! Why not adopt one of these planter pals today 😄

Handmade Ceramic Pot Planter Pals Ceramic Pot Hanging Animals

  • Koala
    Height - 7.5 cm
    Width - 5.5 cm
    Depth - 7 cm


    Height - 7 cm
    Width - 4 cm
    Depth - 9 cm


    Height -  cm
    Width - 8.5 cm
    Depth - 4.5 cm

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