Modern Natural Timber Indoor Plant Tub Pot Planter

If you've been searching for the ideal planter to accompany your home decor, that is minimalist but still beautiful? Then this gorgeous timber planter may be exactly what you're after!
Each piece has been constructed from natural timber, which has beautiful natural wood grain, and texture making this piece suitable for a variety of home decor styles. 
These planters have been constructed from lightweight timber to enable them to be easily moved whilst avoiding becoming too heavy. 


There are no drainage holes in these planters making them perfect for indoors, and have been lined with plastic to ensure the integrity of the timber will last for many years to come. 
Ideally suited for display inside - and in some cases, safely undercover outside - these wooden planters are an excellent way for you to kick-start your own lush mini garden at home! 

Modern Natural Timber Indoor Plant Tub Pot Planter

  • Small 
    Height - 18 cm
    Width - 18 cm 


    Height - 23 cm
    Width - 23 cm



    Height - 26.5 cm 
    Width - 28 cm