Patterned Matte Ceramic Grey or Pink Vase

If you've been searching for a beautifully handcrafted, yet modern vase to add to your home decor, then perhaps one of these stunning vases may be exactly what you're after!


Each piece starts off with a earthenware pottery as base, which gives each vase a beautiful matte finish. Each piece has a subtle textured dot style pattern which adds a modern dimensions to each vase. 


We have on offer two colours to choose from, which both feature a different shape. Each piece features a reasonable opening at the top to allow for floral displays, or use as a standalone piece.


Perfect for a variety of decor styles, invite one of these endearing vases into your home today.


Patterned Matte Ceramic Grey or Pink Vase

  • Pink Vase
    Height -  11.5 cm 
    Width - 15.5 cm
    Grey Vase
    Height - 18.5 cm 
    Width - 9.5 cm

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