Terracotta and White Geometric Footed Patterned Pot Planters

If you've been searching for an interesting yet functional planters to add to your decor or garden, then these ceramic dual toned pots may be exactly what you're after! They are perfectly suited for succulents, flowers or any style of smaller plant.
These are the perfect combination of modern geometric patterning meets functionality, with these planters being made with drainage holes to enable use outdoors. However you can order this pot without drainage holes, and the hole will be plugged using waterproof silicone. 
This piece first starts with a raw textured terracotta base. A contrasting white geometric features on each of the pots, creating a unique design for each size on offer. Each planter stands on three feet to give them a modern and architectural feel.


We offer three different sizes and designs to ensure you'll be able to kick-start your own lush mini garden at home! 

Terracotta and White Geometric Footed Patterned Pot Planters

  • Small
    Height - 12 cm
    Width - 9 cm

    Height - 15.5 cm 
    Width - 12.5 cm

    Height - 18.5 cm 
    Width - 15.5 cm